Thanksgiving and Christmas offer all of us the opportunity to give thanks, be with family and share God's blessings with each other. It is a time at DePaul when we also give thanks. However, as we approach the New Year your school is still faced with the same financial challenges. We work hard to offer our students the best possible Catholic Education while at the same time holding our tuition to a reasonable level. This is a monumental task and cannot be accomplished without your help.

The Christmas Appeal for this year is dedicated to transportation for our students. As you may be aware, buses and bus drivers are in short supply. The cost of chartering one school bus for an any event begins at $700.00.

The challenge we face this year is that the DePaul Catholic school bus has reached the age when we cannot use it anymore. We need to purchase or lease a new bus to replace the retired DePaul bus. We also need to increase the bus capacity to a minimum of 40 students as that will offer extra savings. It will allow us to get more students to and from school, bring more students on field trips, and transport larger teams to events.

I hope you can help with a small Christmas gift to support the purchase of a new bus.

Teamwork, community, and Catholic generosity all go into your gift. Every penny donated goes to help the students of DePaul.

Thank you in advance for your support as we continue to move forward as your school…literally in a new bus!